Spicy Curry Mustard

Spicy Curry Mustard 8 oz.
Spicy Curry Mustard 8 oz.
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Product Description

Deliciously complex with flavors of curry, fennel and cumin. For sandwiches, hot dogs or any sausage, chicken, ham, corned beef and hamburgers.

Ingredients - water, white distilled vinegar, ground mustard seed, maple syrup, ground fennel seed, curry powder, cumin, ginger, cayenne pepper, turmeric, sugar, seasoning.

Gluten Free - - Low Sodium - Dairy Free - Soy Free - All Natural - No Preservatives - Tree Nut and Peanut Free

Nutritional Facts Serving Size 1 tbsp.

Sodium 21mg / Carbohydrates 1g / Sugar 2g